A Shelter For Theo

Theo Freeze, despite having only one hand, loved the outdoors.

You could find him hanging on a corner at any time of the day, always happy just to chill out and discuss the weather with you. “Cold, eh?” was his trademark greeting.

The secret to Theo’s confidence was his partner and sole supporter, Al Luminum. Theo knew that Al would always be around, no matter what.

But one tragic winter, Al lost it. Always a yielding personality, Al got increasingly bent out of shape, and then lost his grip altogether.

Suddenly, Theo was homeless. He spent weeks face-down in mourning, oblivious to all the acquaintances he had made over the years.

One of those friends, fortunately, was housebuilder Woody Ply. Woody contacted roofer Sid R Shake, and the pair got in touch with Jay Bee of Habitat for Thermomity. Plans were drawn up. Materials materialized.

Now Theo is back on his corner. Though still missing Al, who never recovered from his metal breakdown and left no forwarding address, Theo has a renewed faith in the kindness of others.

And he’s once again eager to discuss the weather.