Surreal Clever Red Bean And Wiggle Case

Nabbings from last summer’s Big Siblings book sale.
Photo taken by me in SJ Library on my iNonPhone.

What follows is a segment from yesterday morning’s messaging session with Gillian, beginning at my 06:28, her 19:28. Except for a lovely afternoon with the Mortimers on Thursday, I haven’t been out for nine days. Does it show?

[GILLIAN experiences string of typos / Spellcheck hypervigilance.]

Me: Haven’t been too good with the typing lately either. Or the pouring. Missed my coffee cup on BOTH sides two days ago! I was scandalized.

G: Ack!

Time to switch back to tea?

Me: One of the Time-Life books from childhood had a two-page spread of photos of a man who had volunteered for a sensory-deprivation experiment. A completely dark room with soundproofed walls, and oven mitts on his hands, for a few days.

When he emerged, he was given straightforward tasks like inserting a bolt into a hole, and he couldn’t do it, his coordination was all off.

G: Wow

Me: Maybe I’m experiencing Gillian deprivation?

G: Woooo

Me: Hahahha he went back to normal in a day or so, and I expect I will too.

G: It won’t be long before I’m home. Just need to collect a few more photos…!

Me: Photography is a form of butterfly collecting, isn’t it? When you wrote “collect” just now it came to me.

Beauty at a point where two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects blur their boundaries.

G: That sounds like an artist’s statement.

Me: I’m thinking use in a piece of thoughtful fiction

G: Yes, that would work 

Me: Am still enjoying The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Excellent characterization based on the characters’ actions, almost polar to Woolf’s all-in-the-head stuff.

G: Super

Me: Yeah. It’s not wasted action, either, it’s informative.

Cheap novels are full of wasted action.

Academic ones are full of no action.

Golly, I’m firing on all cylinders this morning, aren’t I? Must be all that fish and seafood I’ve been eating.


(PS This post’s title comes from my squinting guess at one of the food photos Gillian shared with me this morning. Got “red bean” right, anyway.)