And how are you today?

This is my new blog. I’ve WordPressed before, but not for years. So when cousin Moira told me recently that she misses my blog writing, she unknowingly planted the seed of a whole new garden of verbiage in my teeny-tiny, restless little soul.

So here we are again. This being a personal blog, and me being an eclectic type, I can’t guarantee any consistency in content — but I can guarantee that most entries will involve creativity. You may find a song, or a photo of something I built, or the slapdash skeleton of a recipe, or a puddle of word-slush trying to express an abstract concept or to review something I’ve read or watched. Who knows?

So thanks for dropping in, Moira! And if you’re not Moira but you’ve read this far, you’re welcome to listen in too.

Happy 2019!

– Janet.

January 2, 2019.