From Yuck to Yuks

This is Janet, reporting that I’ve finally started in on a regular, 20-hour week in creative pursuits, eleven weeks later than the planned start of mid-September. Who would’ve thought that moving house was such a time waster?

Anyway. The first two four-hour days were spent in card-making. Here are both attempts at a Christmas card for Gillian’s cousin Angela, whose beloved, sweet and funny husband Bob died this summer.

With Angela’s bereavement in mind, I at first considered the Darkness of Advent, and the sliver of Light that appears at first so faintly, it may be misconstrued as an idea of light rather than light itself. Four hours of work on Monday produced this:

First attempt.

Hmm, not so good. More faded than fresh, more mournful than merry, and tauntingly reminding me of the Bad-Apple Forest from “The Wizard of Oz”. I kept the ornament, but ditched the rest, and started over the next day.

“I’ve considerably lightened Angela’s card,” I announced to Gillian, before showing her the brand-new version.

“You certainly have,” she replied, understanding my multiple meanings.

Second attempt, outside.
Second attempt, inside.

2 thoughts on “From Yuck to Yuks

  1. So happy you are putting your creative juices to work again. I missed them! Much prefer the second card which is brilliant! I think the fact that Emily, Eirik and the boys are coming home for Christmas will make for a better celebration for Angie all round!


    1. Hi, Moira! Glad you liked the (second) card. It was too good not to share. 😊
      And yes, we dropped in on Angela this afternoon, and she can’t wait till everyone’s home for the holidays.
      As for me, I get to count the hour I spent writing this post among my weekly 20. Time well spent!


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