Thick And Thin

Last month I bought a new toy called Spirograph Cyclex. It’s just one frame holding five discs, each disc perforated with odd-shaped holes, and the cog teeth all hidden within the frame. To make a design, you trace inside one of the holes 36 times till the disc returns to its starting point.

The cogs occasionally slip a little, but it’s not like the version of my childhood wherein tiny clear plastic discs went flying off under the couch or down the heating duct. And did it really come with push-pins to steady the outer cogwheel?! Oh, those crazy ’60s.

Anyway. Here are two identical Spirograph designs, except for the thickness of the lines: 0.3mm on the left, 1.0mm on the right.

I like the versatility of the different thicknesses of line. I can colour the righthand design more solidly, as though it were stained glass; the lefthand one, I feel, needs a lighter touch of dots, crosses, and asterisks, retaining and enhancing its laciness. Here are the two designs, coloured in.

“I got you babe.” “I got you babe!” “I got you babe.” “I got you babe!”

6 thoughts on “Thick And Thin

  1. I am amazed to see what beautiful patterns you can make from a circle with oddly shaped holes. I don’t remember if we had a Spirograph when I was young, but if we did, I obviously wasn’t any good at it! The mandalas you have created are lovely – I especially love the colour combination of the one on the right.


    1. If you’d ever stepped on one of those pointy little cogs — or, worse, been close enough to witness a parent stepping on one — you’d remember! This new style, in my opinion, is WAY better.
      Not sure about the word “mandala” though; don’t want to appropriate that term. And mandalas are for destroying, anyway — they’re designed to remind monks of the fleetingness of everything — and I’d like to keep or give away one of these mini-artworks from time to time. Like the one taped to your computer. 💗

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