Peanut Butter And…

…syrup. Not again?

On the plus side, I used up only two pounds of red currants — one bagful — and eight bags remain in the deep-freeze.

Took me three days this year to pick the darlings. The bushes love my backyard and progenize their little heads off, and since these currants aren’t native, the birds don’t eat them. So I pick them. And pick them. And pick them.

The few times I’ve tried making jelly, I got syrup instead. So today I found myself lamenting, “Three times a bridesmaid” more than once. Obviously that’s nonsense, I can always try again.

And again. And again. And again. And…

But I have faith that one of these days I will be SOOO proud of myself! That marvelous day, I will have eight lovely jars of jewel-like jelly to give away to all my friends.

Because by that time, I’ll be so sick of red currants I won’t eat a bite.

Ina’s jelly bag hung over the ceramic pour-spout bowl Angela gave us for our wedding attached to my applesauce-sieve framework by kitchen pins Gillian gave me for Christmas. It’s a community thing. Photo by me on my iNonPhone.

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter And…

    1. That’s the phrase! Luckily, it has jelled ju-ust enough to stay on a slice of buttered bread, until it warms up to room temperature. Ina said if she can’t spread it, she’ll pour it on her ice cream — all is not lost!


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