Then Beauty Comes

In February of 1880, writer and wallpaper designer William Morris gave a lecture to the Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design. He gave the crowd assembled there a perfectly worded piece of excellent advice:

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Many of our possessions are either beautiful or useful. Our dogs are beautiful. Our sports bras are useful.

Some things are both useful and beautiful. Now that I’ve painted them peach, our formerly green, truly useful livingroom walls are also a joy to look at.

And then there are things that are firmly in the useful category, until suddenly beauty comes to them, if only momentarily. Our green plastic garbage can with the black plastic lid migrates from the garage to our back porch every winter. Last March its lid was swathed in floral swirls of frost, and I snapped a picture before they melted.

Keep your eyes and mind open. Hallow the moments.

2 thoughts on “Then Beauty Comes

  1. Wow. Really beautiful. Good eye and well done for taking a photo of it. Who would have thought such a mundane thing could be so beautiful!


    1. I know, it looked like a bunch of roses when I stepped out that morning to throw in a bag of used kitty litter, or whatever it was. I love little surprises like that.


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